Black History Month 2022

February is Black History Month – as Canadians, this is a time where we not only celebrate and honour the legacy and achievements of Black Canadians, but also a time for us to acknowledge and recognize the ongoing fight and activism against racism, inequality, and prejudices that still exist today.

Much of Canada’s heritage and multiculturalism rests on the work and efforts of Black Canadians, communities, and workers, but to this day many of these achievements and successes are sidelined and even erased from history. Black History Month is a tradition with roots dating as far back as 1995 in Canada, but there is still a long way to go.

We stand in solidarity with the movement for civil rights; for activism that fights for equality within our communities and in our country. Our Local has been well represented in our Stewardship and on our Executive Board throughout Local 647’s long history, and we will continue to stand for changes that are necessary and vital to the growth of Canadians.

Be sure to get involved as Teamsters members!

Teamsters National Black Caucus

In Solidarity,

Martin Cerqua


Teamsters Local 647

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