Denise Thompson

Our Executive Board and staff at Teamsters Local 647 are mourning the passing of our
friend and Sister Denise Thompson. As a longstanding member of Local 647, Denise was
a vital part of our Teamsters family.

Denise has served our Brothers and Sisters as a Union Steward, a Chief Steward, and as
the Chairperson of the Joint Health and Safety Committee at Nestle London with
Distinction. With her committed and steadfast personality, Denise fought hard to
protect the members’ rights and their safety on the job.

Denise was also the Women’s Representative for Local 647 and on the Executive Board
of the Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus. She frequently volunteered her time to the
annual Teamsters International Women’s Day Brunch to help make each year’s event a
success. Denise was involved, passionate, and an inspiring figure to those who also
wished to make a change to the world.

A proud single mother and a friendly, kind individual, Denise would always generously
and selflessly give her time and help to her fellow members, friends, family, and
different charities.

She is survived by her beloved son, Glen. Her work and efforts have left an indisputable
impact on her fellow Brothers and Sisters at Nestle, and contributed to a working
environment that protects the dignity and rights of members of Local 647.

Her warm smile, positive attitude, and dedication will be missed by all of us.