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Why You Need A Union

A union is here to help give workers a voice in their workplace. All workers have the right to fair treatment, representation, and a safe working environment. The union is here to protect your rights and working conditions, negotiate a fair collective agreement, and to make sure your voice is heard.

The Teamsters Union represents over 125,000 members in various trade industries across Canada. Our goal is to use our collective power to provide security and fair opportunities in the workplace so that our members can continue to provide essential services for all Canadians.

Local 647 continues to fight for respect, justice, equality, fairness, and dignity in the workplace for all of our members. In addition to fighting for your rights, Teamsters offers members benefits packages, pension plans, insurance, retirement plans, and scholarships for members and their children.

We strive to ensure our members receive the representation, benefits, and protection they deserve.

Is Local 647 Right For You?

Local 647 organizes dairy, bakery, and catering workers. We represent members working with:

  • Fluid milk
  • Ice cream
  • Fresh and frozen bakery
  • Margarine and mayonnaise production and distribution
  • Catering and distribution
  • Airline food distribution

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