Labour Day Message 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, on September 6, we celebrate Labour Day.

However, the past year has not been without great difficulties and hardships for Canadians and Canadian workers. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we must all remain diligent and cautious as we endeavour to protect ourselves and others during our day-to-day routines.

Over the last year and a half, most of our members are now slowly beginning their return to work, while others have remained on the frontline as essential workers, going above and beyond to ensure that the shipping, dairy and food supply for Canadians did not dwindle in the least. No matter your situation, Local 647 remains dedicated and present to assist our members every step of the way. The fight to protect the workers’ rights never ends, especially during the pandemic and the risks and worries our hardworking members face at their jobs. On Labour Day, we remember and celebrate the efforts of the activists before us who have fought tremendously to ensure basic rights such as WSIB, medical benefits, minimum wage, workplace health and safety, and more are implemented and protected for working Canadians.

And now, it is even more vital for us to continue preserving these rights and to further build on them so everyone can work in a safe and healthy environment.

The history of unions and the labour movement is a vast and tremendous one, and Teamsters is one of the strongest ones out there fighting for the workers’ rights. On Labour Day, we celebrate those who have struggled to bring us to where we are now, and remind ourselves to step up and continue their fight for the future ahead.

In Solidarity,

Martin Cerqua


Teamsters Local 647

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