Labour Day 2023

Happy Labour Day! 

In 1894, Labour Day was officially recognized in Canada. This became a day of high importance as unions had been rallying in the streets of Toronto and Ottawa protesting for worker’s rights. 

We need to take the time on September 4th to remember where it all began and how we can continue to improve every workplace in this great country. Unions, like the Teamsters, have made it possible for our members voices to be heard, to take on bigger challenges against unfairness to all workers and to fight for safe and healthy workplaces.

This struggle is even more important today as extreme increases in our Cost of Living, higher interest rates, and increased prices of basic food and rent are hurting our members and families. 

At each upcoming negotiations we need our members support in fighting for fair increases to protect he many gains that those before us had fought so hard to achieve.


Martin Cerqua


Teamsters Local 647

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