National Day of Mourning

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Today is April 28, the National Day of Mourning.

Every year, we pay our respects to the workers who were injured, killed, or suffered illnesses because of their job and/or work-related incidents. 

It has been over a year since COVID-19 has hit. The global pandemic has undoubtably changed the way we work and live, and the overall safety of workplaces all over the world. The past year has further shown just how important it is to have a safe and sanitary working environment, not only to help prevent the spread of the virus, but to also maintain our members’ general health and well-being too.
That is the baseline for all workers and is something that should never be compromised, regardless of a pandemic. 

Our members have risked their lives and health during this pandemic to ensure deliveries happen and food and dairy production remains uninterrupted. Teamsters Local 647 and our Health and Safety Committee remains dedicated to protecting and assisting our members. We will always continue to push and demand better health and safety measurements for our workers and set a precedent. In doing so,
we will hopefully prevent any accidents or incidents that may occur in the future. Please bring up and concerns you may have in your workplace with your representatives or Business Agents so we can immediately address the issue. 

Every worker has the right to a safe workplace and working environment. On this National Day of Mourning, we encourage everyone to honour the memory of those we have lost in the past year to the pandemic and workplace-related incidents, and to keep their families and friends in your thoughts as well.

In Solidarity,

Martin Cerqua


Teamsters Local 647

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