Stu Powers Winners – Nestle’s Prince Obuorkhartey and Brent Guest

Each year, the members of Local 647 are invited to nominate a Steward from their units for the annual Stu Powers Union Steward Award. Named after one of our Local’s longest-serving Presidents, Stewart Power, we encourage members to tell us which Stewards they believe best represented trade unionism and dedication to their position, and to helping the membership, for this award.

The winner for the year 2020 was Brent Guest, and the year 2021 is Prince Obuorkhartey, both Stewards from London’s Nestle Ice Cream Plant, where over 600 of our members work.

Despite the additional challenges of the pandemic, both Brother Brent Guest and Brother Prince Obuorkhartey demonstrated outstanding work and dedication as Union Stewards and received glowing nominations from their fellow members, complimenting their work ethic, care and consideration, and leadership and professionalism as Stewards.

“Our Local is very fortunate to have Stewards who truly care about their fellow workers,” says Martin
Cerqua, President.

We are pleased to present them with their awards as Stu Powers winners!